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Specialist driven trading platform built for new token startups and existing coins, who want a more orderly market, from the chaos driven peer to peer trading markets. Our secondary market trading platform allows for new tokens to enhance their value for themselves and their holders by using one central Exchange Wallet as command & control for buyers and sellers.

As a 100% decentralized in wallet trading platform on the Ethereum Blockchain, all transactions are quantifiable and verifiable.


- the easy way to financial freedom

Participate in lottery the entire 2019 with incredible winnings – worth more than USD 10M. Read more about it and see all the prices here.

January Drawing of the Lottery Coin resulted in the following winners;

1st prize: 0x3df36b9748da346d00ae8d8d34f3cac0893e959c
2nd Prize: 0xfe659c3045e39faf014e99f9ac4735afdac94bf6
3rd Prize: 0xaf7a8d29a56affdaaec1649da83e9256b185e7c4


FHX Miami Real Estate Coin (“FHX Coin”)

FHX Coin is a real estate coin, that is based on ownership of Real estate in Miami, Florida and acts as well as a utility coin. Coin holders becomes owners of a variety of properties, which they will have fractional ownership of, while the coins as well can be used as partial payments, if a Coin holder wants to purchase fx an apartment of the owned real estate. More info on the real estates and how it works will be disclosed in the White Paper upon official listing or by contacting

Kindly note, that the whitepaper is currently getting the final update, so the actual listing date it not yet available, but expected medio January. When the specific date becomes available, it will show here.

Stock Exchange Listing Coin (SEL Coin).

SEL Coin will be issued in only a very limited number (100,000), as it shall be used to raise capital for the listing of a Company on an European Stock Exchange. The coins will cover 20% of the equity of the listed company, and owners of the coin can exchange their coins with shares when listed. The company will be listed with assets (and equity) worth at least EUR 10M, meaning the 20% ownership will equal at least EUR 2M in equity. The SEL coin will come up for sale at 0.10 USD and increase as demand starts. SEL coin will be listed end January.

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