Cannot Find Wallet

To trade on the Stealth Exchange, your browser must be connected to the Ethereum Blockchain. We suggest the following options because we use them ourselves and find them to be simple and reliable.

You may continue to browse the Exchange, but you will not be able to trade until you install one of the above options.

Unable To Open Wallet

Please try the following:

You may continue to browse the Exchange without logging in to your wallet, but you will not be able to place trades.


Specialist driven trading platform built for new token startups and existing coins, who want a more orderly market, from the chaos driven peer to peer trading markets. Our secondary market trading platform allows for new tokens to enhance their value for themselves and their holders by using one central Exchange Wallet as command & control for buyers and sellers.

As a 100% decentralized in wallet trading platform on the Ethereum Blockchain, all transactions are quantifiable and verifiable.

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