Cannot Find Wallet

To trade on the Stealth Exchange, your browser must be connected to the Ethereum Blockchain. We suggest the following options because we use them ourselves and find them to be simple and reliable.

You may continue to browse the Exchange, but you will not be able to trade until you install one of the above options.

Unable To Open Wallet

Please try the following:

You may continue to browse the Exchange without logging in to your wallet, but you will not be able to place trades.


The Stealth Exchange Platform is owned by Stealth Capital Investments, a bond trading firm based in France & Brazil. The hallmarks of this platform is that we are an order book system that run off an algorithm to reflect price values. The Stealth algorithm is based off a set of variables that take into consideration the weighted cost of buy/sell transactions in the ecosystem of the token, with a particular emphasis on the buy side. Additionally because our tokens are ERC 20 Smart Contracts we pair them directly to the floating value of Ethereum day to day. Selling tokens on our platform is a function of placing orders through your own wallet on our platform which is a DEFI advantage. We limit each order on the sell side at a time to $5000 USD in value before we move on the next order.

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